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Torino manual home work

torino manual home work

The monitor accepts touch input from a bare finger or dedicated stylus. Multitouch Interface The screen can detect up to 10 simultaneous touches so you can easily operate a variety of applications in almost any environment.

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The monitor is equipped with palm rejection which allows you to rest your hand directly on the screen without causing any unintended touch input. Palm rejection minimum activation area is 2 x 2 cm. Touch Detection Control Users can easily turn touch detection on or off by pushing the button conveniently located on the monitor's side. Sensitivity Calibration The monitor is equipped with technology which calibrates the touch sensitivity to minimize incorrect touch reponse due to environmental factors and electromagenetic noise.

torino manual home work

This ensures that the screen maintains accurate touch interaction during use. Stylus Compatibility The monitor can be used with a touch stylus for smooth writing.

torino manual home work

See stylus compatibility details here. Features for Ease of Use Fully Flat Design The fully flat surface provides a seamless touch experience to the edges of the screen. This makes swiping motions and scrolling a breeze. The surface of the panel is also coated with an anti-glare treatement for further clarity in bright ambient environments.

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Flicker-Free Viewing Due to the way brightness is controlled on LED backlights, a small number of people perceive flicker which causes eye fatigue. Reclining Stand The equipped stand provides flexible positioning to allow the monitor to rest on your desk like a laptop and recline back to your desired angle.

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This makes it easy to place the monitor in the ideal position for comfortable use in any environment.

High Durability The touch screen torino manual home work a non-scratch surface made of reinforced glass with a hardness of 5H, making it durable enough to withstand long-term use in a range of environments.

torino manual home work